I really love big pictures, especially panoramas.

These days, computer vision techniques like graph cuts, gradient-domain blending, and feature-based alignment make creating panoramas very easy. Even using low-end equipment you can create pretty cool images. On the viewing side of things, using image pyramids helps create really slick ways to view huge images.

To see what I mean, check out the panoramas of Israel and Jordan I created based on the photos I took on my recent trip to the Middle East.

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  1. Phil Mocek says:

    Pretty pictures. The panoramas really give a better sense of what the view is like than a standard-resolution, standard-ratio image does.

    I use Hugin, a free (libre and gratis) panorama image stitcher, which in turn uses libpano from Panorama Tools. I’ve had great results with it, even using all the default settings. It works shockingly well.

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